MathMod-9.1 for MacOSX released

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MathMod-9.1 for MacOSX released

Post by mathmod » Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:53 pm

I'm pleased to announce that MathMod-9.1 for MacOSX is now available for download from: ... thMod-9.1/
Enjoy :-)
Change-log for MathMod-9.1 (24/04/2019)
1) Five bugs correction.
2) Added four new scripts:
"Apples on Moebius" animation script, "Scosta" for Costa_like minimal surfaces, "Knot_pq" script to generate all kind of (p,q) knots and the "knot_wireframe" script.
3) Code Conversion from old C-style casts to C++ casts.
4) Code and scripts cleaning and optimization.
For more informations :

Please report any bug or malfunction.

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